AI-powered Appointment

Marketing Assistant

Converts Human-like Conversations Into Appointments With A Machine's Speed, Predictability & Scalability

What’s An AI Marketing Assistant?

What Exactly Is The Difference Between A Chatbot And An AI Assistant? Can Comprehend, Assist and Convert like a Human. Instantly. At Scale

Hear customers, contextualize and interpret what they are concerned about, address issues and turn conversations into conversions like well-trained salespeople.  

Yes, you can have an automated system that is able to:

Understand what tasks your customers want to accomplish

Provide requested service in no waiting time 

Ask questions to stimulate action and ultimately transform conversations into conversions

Comprehend -> Assist -> Lead Method

The CAL-method Enables The Machine To Mimic Human-Like Conversation by combining Natural Language Processing With Machine Learning And Communication Psychology













Comprehend Customer's Concerns

Listen to customers, contextualize what they are saying, and interpret requests in a way that makes sense in the current interaction


NLP software helps to hear everything the customer has to say. 29 main languages available.

In Context

Apply info shared by customers to understand at what stage of the journey they currently are


Make a hypothesis on what the customer needs using context and Machine Learning

Resolve issues Instantly and Concisely

Help the customer get things done within 5 seconds providing NO more than enough information

Address the issue

Fulfill the request by providing the required service or information.

Response time 5 seconds

Modern Attention Span is 7 seconds. Reply fast to keep customers engaged.

160 character messages

Value customers' time and attention by making responses short and sweet.  

Lead the journey

Ask questions to move the conversation forward. Guide customers and eventually convert conversations into Actions

Conversational CTAs

Questions are the call-to-action buttons of the conversational interface. Use them to urge actions

Exchange values

Ask for actions only if you are able to provide the value in exchange

Turn dialogs into Business

Conversation is the most powerful tool for doing business. can help to use it at scale.


Pricing starts at $197

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