Autodealership Demo

AI front desk for Autodealerships

Imagine having Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa taking incoming calls, answering questions, and booking appointments on behalf of your dealership. 

Always available to help

Regardless of the number of calls and time of day

Car search

Connect to your inventory and provide info about actual deals


Inform about special offers and book trade-in appraisals

Pre-approve for loans

Qualify customers for credit and schedule test-drives

What's the experience?

We recorded a call with CALEN AI so that you can see how Artificial Intelligence can generate more business for your autodealership.

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Would you like to talk to an assistant yourself?

Indicate the name of your dealership, its address, and the mobile phone from which you will call, and you'll be redirected to a page with the assistant's US phone number and detailed instructions on how to get the most from the demo.

Thank you for getting in touch!