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Success stories helped more than 100 businesses to automate routine appointment booking conversations 

Car Dealership automates test drive bookings with qualification process empathy and support for potential car buyers. 75% of routine conversations are handled by 

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Marketing Agency 

Google Business Messages is a new conversational channel that 
lets your customers chat from the business listing on Google Search and enables businesses to simultaneously generate and convert organic traffic. 
We added our Appointment Marketing Assistant to automate that process and save costs and decrease response times. 
Customer engagement is now a crucial factor when ranking business listing on Google, so active and relevant conversations via GBM bring more customers and provide a higher search ranking.

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COVID 19 helps doctors to fight COVID19 by reducing their workload by handling an enormous number of routine communications to qualify incoming requests, and schedule calls ONLY with patients that need urgent help. 

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Dental Clinic

We helped over 20 dental clinics in 5 countries to automate their SMS campaigns with the help of the Appointment  Marketing Assistant.  

Buffing a Car

Car Detailing handles traffic through Call Center, Facebook Messenger & comments and Google My Business listing to qualify potential buyers, address their concerns and fill up sales managers' Calendars with appointments.