For $83 a month, a cleaning business owner fully automates the customer calls and bookings

Jen and her sister started a small house cleaning business two years ago. Managing the calendar and answering customer calls became increasingly challenging for her. Even though she only received about five calls each day, it was difficult to answer them, check the calendar, and make appointments while working. As a result, she had double bookings, appointment overlapping, and lost clients.

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• 4 unanswered calls a day • Missed opportunities • After-hours calls • Double bookings • Appointment overlapping • Unhappy clients • Unable to afford front desk worker


• AI assistant, trained on real-life appointment scheduling conversations • Answers phone calls and text messages in every channel 24/7 • Collects all the necessary info from the customer • 20 times cheaper than front desk worker • Google calendar integration • Connected to telephony voice, SMS and Google Business Messages

Google Calendar Integration

The AI Assistant integrates with your Google Calendar and schedules appointments based on your availability. There will be no overlapping appointments or double bookings.

Email Notifications

AI also sends email notification with the appointment details right away: • Name • Phone number • Date and time of the appointment • Address

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The most significant advantage of the AI is taking up to 100 calls at once, 24/7, handling all SMS channels, phone calls, calendars, and answering up to 1,500 FAQs. There is no need to be on the phone anymore. And the clients won't have to be concerned about when they text or call for a booking because the AI will always be available and never get tired.