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With the help of a conversational AI assistant that answers FAQs and books appointments with your prospects 24/7

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AI Assistant talks like a human

Consistently moves conversations to appointments while answering FAQs about your business


Proven AI Assistant tested on tens of thousands of real-world scheduling conversations.


Availability check

No more errors and double bookings in your schedule


Answering FAQs

Add up to 1500 of FAQs about your business and delegate routine calls to AI


Google Calendar

One-click integration with your Google Calendar. You are in control of your schedule.


Pre-launch pricing

Get 60% OFF the regular price forever for the legacy plan. Available for the first 100 users.


Priority Support

Apart from free and regular updates, we are always ready to help you.


Who is it for?

Solo practitioner doctors, lawyers and local businesses that market 1-1 appointments

Easy activation

Activate your AI assistant in 6 simple steps. No technical skills required. The setup takes a maximum of 10 minutes.

Our awesome features
Sign up for the service

Create account and top up your balance.

Our awesome features
Fill the form

Provide information about your business and answer common questions that clients ask before making an appointment. And add your specific FAQ.

Our awesome features
Connect your Google Calendar

Press a button and your AI assistant will have access to your schedule to ensure there are no double bookings.

Our awesome features
Submit for the review

Our team will review your submission and activate your AI Assistant the next business day. We will also make a test call to make sure everything works as intended.

Our awesome features
Delegate incoming calls to your AI Assistant

Forward calls to your AI Assistant's number when you are busy, unreachable, or can't answer the phone. It is an excellent way to test the service for your specific use case.

Our awesome features
Insights and Reports

Track the performance of your AI assistant in the analytics dashboard.


No set up fees and autocharging subscriptions. Top up your balance and pay only for the minutes of the call

(60% OFF regular price)
  • FAQ answering
  • Appointment bookiing
  • Availability check
  • Google Calendar integration
  • Easy setup
  • Advanced reporting
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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers.

No, you don't need to write a single line of the script. was built using Conversation Marketing Framework that includes proven appointment scripts that continually improve using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and strategic human supervision.

No training is required. Just fill the form in FAQs section after you sign up. The more answers you provide, the smarter your assistant will become.

You purchase minutes and refill them as necessary, depending on usage. If you fail to pay, you will be disconnected from the service, and your assistant's phone number will be deactivated.

Yes, you can. We have a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee policy. Just contact our support, and we will refund you within 3-10 working days. is an intelligent assistant powered by Google's AI. It can understand natural language and handle multi-turn conversations.

No. CALEN AI can NOT be used for cold calling.

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Private practitioners

60% OFF regular price

Sign up today and get the prelaunch price of $0.4/minute forever. The 30-day money-back guarantee included.