Strategy Prototype Production

A proven 3-step implementation process to provide a painless onboarding experience and get AI automation results fast


  • What your conversational marketing strategy is about?

  • How your company interacts with customers?

  • How automation, Live agents & handover protocols work?

  • Rules, tone of voice, scripts, response times & offers. 

Customer Journey

  • Research the path from an unknown user to the prospect

  • Define concerns and barriers

  • List success factors

  • Formulate decision criteria 


  • Customers' problem-solving mechanisms

  • Conversation design mockup

  • Conversion system

  • Live agent handover protocol & training 



AI Setup

Conversation design

  • Intent and entity structure (up to 10,000 entities)  

  • Min 50 training phrases per intent for the Dialogflow agent   

  • Custom fulfillment scenarios. 

  • Non-linear, non-scripted, non-robotic conversation flow

  • Customer problem solving and high-converting

  • Up to 15,000 pieces of text



  • Channels: Messenger, SMS, Phone, and many more.

  • Apps: Calendar, CRM, Payment gateway and others. 

Testing & Training

  • Prototype connected to test channels to eliminate bugs

  • Training AI to properly detect intents and entitiies

  • Integrated with apps to make everything work properly.



  • Integration with client's communication channels and apps

  • Gradual deployment starting at off-peak hours

  • Stage 1 scenario for up to 50% automation

AI automation stages


  • Stage 1 up to 50% automation basic problem-solving

  • Stage 2 up to 75% automation advanced scenarios

  • Stage 3 customer's barrier removing automation at 95%

  • Customer sentiment monitoring & reports

  • Software updates & upgrades

  • Rules compliance monitoring

  • AI training and optimization



Automate Conversations Using Your AI Assistant

Let handle messages through all channels 24/7 and fill up the Calendar, CRM and other business applications with new and existing clients on autopilot in less than 3 months