Cold calling AI assistant helps find 125 investment leads for $1,350

Christina is a real estate investor in West Virginia with over 12 years of experience. She has been doing cold calling and SMS campaigns for over 7 years, that she finds profitable yet time-consuming. She has employed several people to develop the script, call, text and analyse data.

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• Manual labor costs • Low-quality lists • TCPA compliance • Unpredictable campaign timing • Low response rates • Multiple tool management


• Cold calling AI Assistant to contact, qualify and convert homeowner lists into investment opportunities • 4 times cheaper than hiring staff or outsourcing to a call center • Fast, Predictable and Scalable

100% TCPA complaint

TCPA protects from "the initiation of a telephone call or message to encourage the purchase or rental of, or investment in, property, goods, or services." AI's Cold outreach messages do NOT contain "advertising of the commercial availability or quality of any property, goods, or services."

Email Notifications

Having identified the lead, the AI Assistant instantly sends an email notification to the acquisition manager so that he can contact the homeowner and close the deal while it's hot.

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Spreadsheet with a succinct report on the results of communication with 10,000 owners: • Hot lead • Warm lead • Interested in referring us • Not interested in selling • Unqualified • No response • Not reachable

SMS Outreach

Text messages were sent to 10,000 people in the initial phase of the campaign. 9,016 were delivered, and 1,812 homeowners engaged in conversation with AI, 120 of whom were interested in selling, 37 gave their names and prices they were willing to sell the property for. In addition, 27 people expressed an interest in referring us to a home seller they know. 1,623 persons stated that they were not selling and AI removed them from the list. The responses of 42 people were not clear and could not be qualified.

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Cold Calling

To reach the maximum number of the contacts, AI approaches them through 3 separate ways: SMS, cold calling and voicemail. If the initial SMS is not delivered, AI is notified, which could indicate that the phone number is a landline, does not exist, or is outside of service, so the AI makes cold calls to them up to 3 times. The AI called the remaining 984 numbers, spoke with 140 of them, left 553 voicemails, and received 20 inbound calls. As a result, 1 hot and 4 warm leads were generated. 4 people, who were interested in referring us to home sellers, and 134 who were not interested in selling were removed from the list. Only 291 phone numbers were not reached.

Final Results

The whole campaign lasted for a week and from a list of 10,000 phone numbers, a total of 1,971 homeowners engaged in actual conversation with AI. From which there were: • Hot lead - 38 • Warm lead - 87 • Interested in referring us 31 • Not interested in selling - 1,757 • Unqualified - 58 • Received voicemail - 693 • No response - 7,721 • Not reachable - 291

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