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AI Front Desk for Repair Businesses

Imagine having Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa taking incoming calls, answering questions, and booking appointments on behalf of your business. 

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What's the experience?

We recorded a call with an AI front desk to demonstrate how Artificial Intelligence helps repair business owners spend less time and money on phone calls and focus on customers.

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Turn Every Call Into An Appointment

Even when your phone isn't reachable, busy or unanswered.

Never miss a call again

With the help of an AI front desk you are always on call with your customers.

More time for customers and family

No more distractions during appointments and non-working hours.

Are they asking the same questions?

Automate answering FAQs and provide the value to customers on autopilot

Save thousands on hiring a front desk worker

Pay only for minutes of calls. No setup fees.

$0.4 /min
(Limited time offer 60% OFF)
  • Appointment booking
  • FAQ answering
  • Google calendar integration
  • Availabilty check
  • Starts at $50/mo for 125 minutes
Try how it works

Would you like to talk to your AI reperesentative?

Provide information about your business to customize AI to answer questions about your services. Customization only works when our system knows the phone number you use to make that call.

Thank you for getting in touch!